MacGyver le resuelve su problema

Ayer me senti como el… pero eso no es el tema. Hoy leyendo los RSS, me entero que hay gente mas ociosa que yo:

List of problems solved by MacGyver:

In order to fake a handprint for electronic scanning, MacGyver applies distributed pressure to a thin layer of plaster dust covering the scanner, making it read the most recently scanned hand. He scrapes a plaster wall to get dust, then spreads it liberally over the entire scanner, where some of it sticks to the sweat of the previous user. He gently blows away the excess, covers the sensor plate with his jacket, and presses down lightly with his fingers. Category: Biometrics. Approximate time index: 17:15. Unverified.”

Sip… hay mas… mucho mas de eso, y por categorias.
NiƱos, no lo intenten en casa (bue…algunas cosas /si/ pueden resultar)


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